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Metamorphosis ~ Using Awareness and Gentle Touch
to Create Healthier Relationships & Greater Well-Being

Metamorphosis is a set of principles that offer an insightful perspective on relationships and well-being. The gentle hands-on practice helps you let go of deep and chronic tension. Together they offer a comprehensive approach that enables us to create happier, healthier lives and as a result, a peaceful world.

Metamorphosis is a unique perspective born from the observation that we have never changed our underlying patterns of tension. We have been creating illness, conflict and war from the beginning of time. We cure one illness and we create another. We end one conflict and we create another one, etc.

Robert St John, the founder of Metamorphosis, observed that there is a deeper explanation for these patterns. By not focusing on the problem (symptomatic thinking) and understanding a simple dynamic on the planet, you can change on all levels without analysis or effort. In fact, keeping the mind out of it is beneficial. We have been stuck in our minds, analyzing and thinking for a very long time.

The beauty of Metamorphosis is that you can practice this work in your home, helping your family function better. It is also for use as a professional practice - often appreciated by Reflexologists, Holistic Practitioners, Midwifes, Doulas and Veterinarians.

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Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness Through Touch
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